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(85 People Likes) Is there evidence that prescribing child sex dolls to pedophiles is effective in preventing actual sexual assault of real children?

There are two different ways to model the effect of sex dolls for children. You might think, “Of course they’re going to reduce crime because otherwise a pedophile has to remain repressed and have no outlet until things boil over.” Or you might think, “Of course it’s only going to make things worse because it encourages the pedophile to keep fantasizing and fantasizing until he actually commits a crime.” (Also, I doubt I’d use a doll that much.) I think in general people are going to think and fantasize about sex no matter what, so an outlet is probably a good thing, but a less stigmatized and less dangerous way of talking about it would be even better. However, when making the final calculation, keep in mind that many child sex offenders are not primarily attracted to children. shape

(88 People Likes) Are there any lesbian couples willing to enter into a polygamous marriage with a straight man?

I am a biology student and have been married twice long term. I understand the woman and her biological needs and I say that everything is fine. I have the utmost respect for our wife. What I do know is that they are driven and controlled by their hormones and monthly cycle. Biologically, women are destined to have multiple male lovers, whether it’s an affair or an attraction to their doctor, or more commonly a romance with a good friend, but this is an easy alternative to society labeling them a slut for being enjoy intercourse with more There is more than one male sperm competition and men do not realize that their women have sperm in their bodies 6 foot love doll Ovaries and this is normal, also more common than all of us, except to say that I have two loving relationships, because a woman has to break up with another, even if it is open, the philandering man seeks and cheats on realistic sex dolls at all costs then can’t respect that she was in a commitment. I don’t blame any woman for this choice based on biological needs and the man should respect it because he knows better and wouldn’t share his woman

(61 Likes) Generally, girls love to have teddy bear dolls. How did this attraction even begin?

Day, I gave my girlfriend a big teddy bear and she fell in love with it. In fact, she loved it so much that she hugged it every night and slept with it. And as far as kids go, it’s pretty clear why they’re drawn to it. When children grow up they have no friends and the only friends they can call their own are either stuffed animals or teddy bears. Children rely heavily on teddy bears and regard them as living creatures. In this respect, they feel comfortable with teddy bears and have an intimate relationship with them. There is a wide range of toys and teddy bears available online at amazing discounts. So the choice for women and children never ends. I hope I have answered your question. I personally love teddy bears

(23 People Likes) How pleasurable is sex with sex dolls compared to real sex?

having sex with a sex doll. A sex doll is a sex toy, a masturbation aid. Sex is sex with two or more people. Sex dolls Real Doll are not people. Depends on gender. Masturbation and masturbation with sex toys (including dolls) might be better than sex. In general, masturbation is better than bad sex, and good sex is better than almost any masturbate

(36 People Likes) What is much safer about sex dolls?

Business. There are many options for a range of fantasy races and women. There are dolls that are modeled with elven features. They illustrate the gentle, submissive character of the legendary figures with remarkably soft faces and pointed ears. I wouldn’t buy something like that 6 foot love doll x doll as I have a wonderful sex doll that I bought from this online store https://www.cherrypiesexdoll.com.com/japanese-sex-doll.html. Honestly I would not buy a sex doll as I see no reason to

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